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Rewards Done Right: Dry Top and Silverwastes

If there is any one thing about Heart of Thorns that I am excited about, it’s the announcement that the Heart of Maguuma will have the same meta-event approach present in Silverwastes (and to a lesser extent, Dry Top).

While others have said they like either zone for how there’s always something going on, or the anti-zerg approach to things (try to get a T4 Dry Top by zerging it, just try), the reasons why the two zones work so well (and why Silverwastes is more popular than Dry Top) are far more varied.

In this post, I’m going to explore nine different characteristics that set these zones apart from the core game. In a second post, I have noted what makes Dry Top fall short of Silverwastes for raw popularity (and what could be fixed to help).

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