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Holding Strong: Stronghold Potential & Pitfalls

Taking a quick break from necromancer, here is @Poliatore with a look back at the Stronghold Public Beta, and what it can, and shouldn’t, do.

Before April 14th, we only knew theory, blog posts, or some videos made by a few known faces. And we didn’t get to try it ourselves until the Public Beta dropped.

Therefore, after trying it myself for 25 matches (more or less), I’m going to outline the potential that Stronghold has and the possible pitfalls I’ve seen. But first…

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The Hard Reset: Embracing the Expansion’s Shakeup

As any person on the hype train (or within a hundred mile radius of it) will tell you, Heart of Thorns is on the way. It’s the first expansion, bringing new features, new areas, and new reasons to hate sylvari who take over the plotline*.

*Achievement Unlocked: Outdoing Trahearne at his own game. That’s like 50,000 AP right there. I think Mordremoth already won…

But Heart of Thorns is more than simply an expansion with new features. In interview after interview, ArenaNet keeps stating that its entire purpose is to build a new foundation to keep building upon going forward.*

*Thanks Standard PR Speak for making me always hate using those two words, even if they’re the right ones to use.

And changing a game’s foundation is going to cause a lot of shakeup. Consider the large amount of open-world changes following World of Warcraft‘s Cataclysm expansion, or the wholesale reboot of Final Fantasy XIV, or the myriad changes that accompany a game going from subscription to free-to-play (e.g., Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic).

With massive shakeups come just as large opportunities to “question everything” once again, to see how to one-up Guild Wars 2 at its own game. The existing feature list already does this, as I will show, but I also see the opportunity to change even more to bring Guild Wars 2 closer to its design ideals.

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Stronghold, Building a Better sPvP

I am happy to announce a Tough Love Critic first: a guest post. Poliator, the Most Awesome Worst Thief EU by his own admission, is delving into both the upcoming Stronghold, and how it stacks up against the existing Conquest game mode.

With the expansion, we have a new game mode coming for structured PvP called Stronghold. Developers are truly excited to show this game mode to us and let us play it. Many of their stated goals add up to a desire to overcome the barriers that blocked Conquest from being a good Competitive game mode (that is, Stronghold might have better Competitive potential than Conquest).

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