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Baby Steps: The Evolving Approach to PvE

In my last post about the overall PvE meta, I stated what the current situation of PvE is. That statement isn’t quite accurate, because it was focused not on the current situation, but the release situation.

Granted, the vast majority of the content in the game is generally the same as it was when Guild Wars 2 released, but calling it a “current situation” doesn’t do justice to what has been added. The new content shows a completely different approach to designing challenges for the player base.

In this post, I’m going to illustrate how different content has been tailored to address many of the shortcomings of PvE at release. Each small piece shows how thing are getting better, one step at a time.

NOTE: For this post, I am focusing on the following major pieces of content. While there have been other changes, they aren’t as impactful (or as easy to illustrate) as these:

  • Fractals of the Mists
  • Guild Content
  • Living World (Seasons 1 and 2)
  • Super Adventure Box
  • Tequatl Rising
  • Triple Trouble
  • Dry Top
  • Silverwastes

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