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The Dangers of Feedback Firestorms

Last week should have been an awesome week with prepurchase starting (and presumably, release getting closer), a metric ton of information about guild halls, and full details of exactly how big the patch that went live today is.

Instead, it turned into a nightmare of botched PR, hate and shaming on ArenaNet’s developers, and a viral level of outcry spreading from reddit to the same group that hosted the initial reveal of guild halls and prepurchase during E3 in less than a week. A literal firestorm of negative feedback.

And based on Monday’s post, the outcry worked. People are calmed down now, and most folks’ “fix list” has been accommodated.

But regardless of its effectiveness, it sets a dangerous, and ultimately unproductive precedent. I am going to show how first firestorms aren’t new to the Guild Wars 2 community, how these firestorms hurt everyone involved, and ways to keep a raging inferno from engulfing the studio.

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A Discussion of Community

UPDATE: As a follow-on from this very discussion, there will be a Guild Wars 2 Community Roundtable this upcoming Saturday, March 28th, at 1PM GMT. RSVP through the email address at the right!

The Spark

Every worthwhile discussion starts with a spark, a statement that gets everyone thinking. For this discussion, it was this tweet:

I believe the current @GuildWars2 PR issues stem from a feeling of them giving preferred treatment to select favorite players. #perception – @Clouded_Chimera (5:41 PM)

What followed was a multi-hour discussion by over a dozen people, well-known representatives of the community (and me). I’ve attempted to distill the overall message in the following post, but the full discussion is available on this timeline.

(I apologize for the really hodgepodge nature of the timeline. Twitter does not behave as expected when adding tweets to a collection)

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