10 thoughts on “The Golden Shackles: Why Rewards Still Suck in GW2”

  1. Don’t agree with everything, but wanted to make a quick comment on your last suggestion. Adding scaling rewards to events is a lot like the bonus experience that scales on creatures that haven’t been killed for a long time. Considering how much more valuable experience is now with Masteries, even just upping the experience gain for events would be nice.

    Okay, as a quick poke at what I disagree with, how do we know that the problem with gems won’t level out after a point once the economy settles down from all of the deflationary practices? The game is entering a delfationary period for right now, but what happens after they get to a point they’re happy with, and gems eventually get leveled out over time as well, instead of being stuck at the high prices generated from the previous three years?

    And while you touched on the fact that even if you can put a dollar amount on something there are players that will ignore that dollar amount and just slowly work there, isn’t it an odd fact that the lowering of rewards causes them to now be closer to the the reward speed of modes like PvP and WvW, which also participate in the economy? It’s like they aimed to bring the average reward speed down towards the “Play for Fun” group.

    Basically, while this is a critique of what’s happening right now and the near future, it doesn’t feel like it thinks enough about future possibilities and intentions, just knee-jerk reactions.


  2. I agree with alot of this blog posting, but my thought here, was to increase drop rates all across the board, and negate the gem to gold dollar amount. Instead, for Arena Net to create content to make up for the lost profit with glider skins, armor skins, and etc.

    The problem that i have always seen with Arena Net, is that they are always so fickle about creating a selling content on a weekly basis, when there are tons of “whales”, like myself, who would give them money over fist on this stuff.

    This would work with your account-bound solution, and give people what they want. The only con to it, is that they would be setting a higher level of expectations on content delivery. I don’t see this as an issue, depending on their sales of HoT, as of recently. They should be getting a VERY healthy income about right now to start establishing better operating procedures, and hire more staff.


  3. ” it’s easier to pay cash than farm the gold from the game itself.”

    And *that* is EXACTLY where Anet wants it. All they care about is how much real cash is paid for gold, nothing else.


    1. Sadly, yes. But with so many options (and growing) in the gem store, why the need to lock the game’s rewards itself behind a bad value proposition (just spend money, cuz your time is not important to us).


    2. You’re a jaded consumer, I get it. But this is not true. Not for Anet and not for many other companies. People are quick to villify a company, which I understand because consumers and producers (ie everyone) are naturally antagonistic when the goal is to gain more from others and lose less oneself. But companies actually want sustainable profit, not just profit. They dont get that from screwing the customers over at every opportunity (because, if they did, the customer would never shop there again after the first time). Its why companies spend so much on customer service, because they want your repeat business, not just your first business.

      Also before someone brings up comcast, businesses that have effective monopolies dont count because their behavior doesnt have any consequences (in other words, its ok to vilify them lol)


  4. I think you have tackled the problem very well. Although I think that the gems are not that important, your solution with data-dependent rewards is perfect. In fact, I suggested something very similar for dungeons a few weeks ago on reddit. Changing rewards dynamically seems to be the best option for me.
    However, I think you have made it more complicated than it has to be. There is no need to take the time it needs to get the reward into account. The number of times an event is completed can be the only variable, and in fact would even be better, because then it all depends only on the players and their choice of which event they are tackling. If something is long and hard, few players will complete it, if it is short and easy, more players may try. Long and easy as well as short and hard should be somewhere in between. And in fact, this single variable can easily take care of that.

    One problem occurs, however. I think, this system would be rather easy to implement in dungeons, fractals and probably even raids. In open world events it’s a lot harder to do things right, I assume.

    Despite all the problems, I think this is some sort of a “holy grail” for content rewards.


    1. The main reason I tossed in time to complete was to give a direct link between content that might be popular, but is still difficult to get done. I think with only one variable, you miss out on that nuance.


  5. Let´s be honest here the main reason 1) the economy and rewards suck so much and 2) a much needed expansion took 2 more years to come out then it had to is 3) Gem economy (not gold because frankly that is irrelevant for this game unless it is to trade for gems-only reason they nerf gold).
    By “supporting” the game with e-gemming, the message sent to the people (and when one of them said there was no need for expansions, that the living story was enough, the game died there for me) behind the game was that was not only fine but it was allowed to stagnate for far to long (as long as they had stuff in the gem/vanity store to replace content and rewards that should drop from content and not be bought, or at least both possibilities).
    And so the lack of content or progression derives from that simple but effective economy, and that is why I did not buy the expansion, since all i see was the same lack of content, some redecorating of already existing features, predicable f***ups with them, another map to keep you busy going round and round (but now you can glide through it weeee) and what suprises me (not, since most people playing are the same e-gemmers that supported it or new people that dont know better) is that some people still complain bout the same issues that plague this game (that I actually really like, but that I can only do the same content to a point) and that exist from the point they realized the “potencial” of the gem store!
    Best regards and have fun.


      1. A map where you run around doing events for skins and crafting materials? Oh your right its new, it is completely new and has nothing to do with the last two living stories! Although it has other things, you realize that for a expansion its to little, to late, right?


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