Pride Issues: Holding WvW Back with Rhetoric

Pride is a big part of PvP. The pride of victory, the pride of improving, the pride of defeating someone you couldn’t before. And in the mass PvP realm of World vs. World, pride is just as present, and just as fun. To boot, you have a bunch of friends to be proud amongst.

But there are times where pride obscures the problems lurking beneath. Where pride prevents solutions from being aired because no one wants to admit there are problems. In the case of WvW, three kinds of pride gloss over core flaws that need to be addressed to improve the game mode and make it more fun for all involved. Including the people who want to proud of what they’re doing.

I’m going to talk about these forms of pride, the core problem they conceal, and the overarching solution that each problem needs.

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Bagception: Breaking Hearts and Killing Mice Since 2012

What do Guild Wars 2 players get more than two blues and a green? Bags. Loot bags, moldy bags, thorned bags, champion bags, supply bags, treat bags, and another pile of alternately named ones. There’s no need to ask for paper or plastic, because doubtless in your inventory is leather, metal, and giftwrap, too.

Yay, bags!

And recent memory has gifted the heroes of Tyria with an astonishing technological wonder: bags within bags. During this most recent Wintersday, a single bag could give a player 14 other bags.


Mice were made for the amount of double-clicking needed to handle the onslaught of bags. Well, they were made, because doubtless they’ll break by next Thursday after finishing off the latest stack of bags. Or luck. Or salvage. Or…

…Anyways, I’m going to overview why there are so many dang bags in the game, what problems it causes for players (not including breaking their left mouse button), and some ways to make bags within bags less of a metaphysical impossibility, er, pain in the charr.

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The Shores That Stayed Lost: Reviving Southsun Cove

Southsun Cove was the very first zone added to the game all the way back in November 2012. It opened with the evocative name “The Lost Shores,” a term that still holds true based on how often settlements are overrun by mobs (literal mobs, not just the term) of crazed karka.

Almost no one goes to Southsun Cove, because quite frankly there’s almost nothing to do there. Were it not for the world boss event in the area, it would have at best niche appeal. Considering that it’s supposed to be an endgame area, this is far from ideal.

I’m going to look at where Southsun Cove has come from, the unique place it holds in Guild Wars 2, and what could be done to make it an endgame paradise utterly unlike the Consortium’s plans (like they were ever going to work).

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A Discussion of Community

UPDATE: As a follow-on from this very discussion, there will be a Guild Wars 2 Community Roundtable this upcoming Saturday, March 28th, at 1PM GMT. RSVP through the email address at the right!

The Spark

Every worthwhile discussion starts with a spark, a statement that gets everyone thinking. For this discussion, it was this tweet:

I believe the current @GuildWars2 PR issues stem from a feeling of them giving preferred treatment to select favorite players. #perception – @Clouded_Chimera (5:41 PM)

What followed was a multi-hour discussion by over a dozen people, well-known representatives of the community (and me). I’ve attempted to distill the overall message in the following post, but the full discussion is available on this timeline.

(I apologize for the really hodgepodge nature of the timeline. Twitter does not behave as expected when adding tweets to a collection)

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Specializations and Balance in sPvP

I’d like to welcome back Poliator for another sPvP-based post, this time dealing with specializations.

In this article, I’m going to talk about specializations and balance. Specializations will bring fresh, new build testing, but before this can happen ANet has to be aware of the potential balance problems this might create in sPvP.

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A Tail of Two Races: Doing Proper Justice to Asura and Charr Armor

The armor in Guild Wars 2 looks amazing, with a wide variety of styles, themes, options between skimpy or clothed, and of course the level of artistic care we’ve come to expect from anything ArenaNet releases.

That is, if you play a female human. Everybody else? Might be lucky enough to score a few good looks with some quality time in the wardrobe. And in some cases, the art looks downright bad in comparison.

Nowhere is this clearer than when looking at asura and charr. Both races feel like second-class citizens compared to the hegemony of normally-proportioned humanoid figures*. Clipping, stretching, and outright ignorance of anatomy are sadly typical for both.

*Artistically, norn are a broad and busty human race, sylvari are a slight and thin human race.

I’m going to layout the full problem and point out needed solutions for each race, then look at both the obstacles and advantages of doing asura and charr right, not just in lore, but in art.

Full disclosure: I have two charr and two asura, one of each gender, and will be using them as models for this post.

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