Fractals Addendum: Locking Merchant Rewards to Personal Reward Level

Charrikayu mentioned in the reddit thread one important consideration: if items are added to BUY-4373 with the only requirement enough pristine and regular relics, then someone can grind a low level and get a reward originally restricted to higher levels.

The solution?

Personal Reward Level requirements on item purchase.

A similar system already exists with the actual level system, with items tagged “Requires: Level 80” or similar. Taking the same logic and applying it a merchant would be much simpler than making it from scratch. It could even show up in the dialog as its own symbol to show the level requirement.

With such a system, unique fractal rewards can be retained at the personal reward level already present, while giving the advantage of a specific way to acquire them.

Taking the examples given from the original post:

  • Fractal Weapons (Requires: Reward 20)
  • Ascended Weapon/Armor Box [Random] (Requires: Reward 30)
  • Ascended Weapon/Armor Box [Choosable] (Requires: Reward 40)
  • Endless Fractal Tonic (Requires: Reward 40)*

*I double-checked the wiki, and this isn’t a 50-exclusive drop, it just has the highest chance at 50.


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