The Case for PvE Hard Mode

Back in April 2007, ArenaNet released Hard Mode for Guild Wars 1, revamping dozens of monsters, every area, and adding a slew of cool titles to boot. More importantly, it brought new life to what had been easy, repetitive areas. And many, many deaths at the hands of mobs we suddenly couldn’t handle with our existing builds. (Most embarrassing moment in my GW1 time: dropping dead to Level 22 Devourers in The Great Northern Wall HM)

I firmly believe that it would be worth ArenaNet’s while to reprise Hard Mode. Consider the following statements that in some form circulate discussion topics (rough paraphrasing being done):

  • “Open world is so easy you can run it in blues and greens.”
  • “I have no reason to go back there once I’ve map completed it.”
  • “Is Jormag almost up?” (stick any world boss in this sentence)
  • “The AI is so dumb. Bring back the BWE1 AI!” (rarer than the others, but I’ve seen it many times)

Now take it a step further. What are some of the most common complaints about the PvE in GW2?

  • “Drops suck.”
  • “Risk/reward is so far off the mark. Compare [hard dungeon] to [endless farm somewhere in PvE].”
  • “Everything ANet releases is an endless grind. How many [insert uncommon/rare drop here] do we need now for [insert reward]?”

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